i know for a fact
it is possible
to ask a question
and not listen to the answer
which is why christians
sit in churches
asking “what would Jesus do?”
instead of going out
to do what Jesus did
because its hard to spell

if the church today
is the body of Christ,
then he was a wretched man,
a circus clown,
a prostitute,
and i want
to do

daunting tasks

the sooner we begin to see
the vast canyon of separation
and perfection
the sooner we can start
appreciating things for
what they are
instead of
what we wished they were.

two copper coins

waking up is an exercise
in confidence and
the next 12 to 16 hours
have the capacity to
change your life completely.
you could either die
or be born again.
nothing is certain.
the plans you have are
temporary at best.
today could be
the beginning
or the end.
ultimately, you are responsible
for the quality of your life,
come what may,
for better or for worse.

that’s a lot of

it’s a scary thing.
but i believe that
fear, when fully grasped,
calls us towards courage
and erases itself from our minds.
fear is its own weapon
against itself.
and we hold the keys.

so walk into it.
walk into this day
with grace in your struggle.
straighten out your spine
and walk tall.
tread lightly but
speak with authority.
do not let your hands falter.

if your heart should ever rip,
let us help you
gospelstitch it back together
love is
good news


literally demons

i’ve run a few red lights
but i promise you,
i know how to

i’m still learning
how to

blessed are those who hunger and thirst

our trouble is not
a lack of quantity.
rather, it is a lack of quality.
but we believe we can
fill that void with
so we settle for more
instead of better.
we fill ourselves to
instead of
we overestimate
how much we need
and underestimate
what we need in the first place.

so our hearts burn.
but we try to put it out
instead of letting it refine us.

and we hurt because
we are bloated
yet we are still hungry
for something
we don’t quite know.

and the cycle continues.

blue, bird

it isn’t that i’m not
comfortable in my skin,
it’s that i’m not
in my

it’s a difficult thing
to listen to someone
tell you,
“you are not a bad person.”

because i know what i’ve done,
i know all of my sins
and i count them in my head
and i die inside
and you can’t change that.

but i promise you,
there is a good part of me
somewhere between
my lungs
and the back of my mind
that wants to believe you,
that DOES believe you.

i know my heart beats.
but it mostly beats
and it

brutally beautiful

skip the candlelit dinners,
ignore the walks on the beach
and the sunsets we watch,
forget about the cute dates
and the gifts
and the kisses
and the poems
and the songs we wrote.
I just need to know,

when the devil is screaming
inside my head
and i can’t stop shaking,

will you hold me
until i stop crying?

because that
is what i need.

for when cloud nine rains

there are some people
who obsess so much
over the idea of
‘falling in love’
or just generally
‘being in love’
that when they finally
get the chance to do so,
they compare everything
to their perfect dreams
and don’t realize
love is not something
you can really dream about.

love is the spaces between the words.
it’s the warmth inside the touch.
but there are days you’ll want out.
days you’ll wish
none of this ever happened.

but I believe love is an energy.
something that can’t be created
or destroyed. it just exists.
and there’s more than enough
to go around.

so when your dreams
don’t come true,
maybe it’s time to stop
believing everything you see
when your eyes are closed.


true love,
is the anchor
that keeps you steady
and the sail
that keeps you moving
in an ocean of
there will be storms.
sweet woman,
be my lighthouse.
an iceberg can sink the titanic
but we are not that cold.
be my north star.

we will make it home.